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1. Tell us about yourself...

Tell us about your situation -

for example, what type of windows you clean

and how many hours you work, etc...


2. We match your answers...

Using your answers, we will match you to a

water fed pole system that will suit your

budget, your workload, and your jobs.

3. We will introduce you to an expert...

We will connect you to one of our team who has

a lot of experience in water fed window cleaning.


Your expert will support you before and after you

invest in your new system.

4. We have loads of resources

You can pre-train yourself and your staff with

our online video training and our wiki.


You can also join our community forum on Facebook,

and lots more...

5. And of course...

At the end of this process,

you will know what is the right

water fed window cleaning equipment for you,

and why we recommended it.

At any time...

In the top left hand corner, you can click

the shortcuts menu to quickly navigate to where

you left off last time.